I can't find my account

So, I used to play clash royale many years ago, and I was hoping to be able to get back into the game with my progress. The name of the account was:
Some more information about the account: Sparky was in at least 1 of the decklists, seeing as I had maxed the card out along with many others. My king level was 13, I was probably clanless since they would likely have kicked me by now. But yeah, Sparky is very likely to have been in one of the most recent decklists used.
The supercell id email that I linked to said account was valid, but for some reason it refused to send the verification code email, so I tried it as if I was doing a new supercell id account under the same exact email, and it worked. Anyway, point is, I need the info of the old account to hopefully be able to have supercell look for my account and uncover it. Im assuming that they wouldnt just delete it, but maybe they did. If you can tell if an account was deleted or not, that would be extremely helpful information.
Overall, any information would be extremely useful, and I couldn’t find my account in the first 100 ones that came up when I searched for DankMemes. Please help!