I can’t recover my account

I have all the information of my account but I cant play idk why my supercell id is connected like 6 7 months ago I can use my account but now its gone can i recover it ? I have my player code my trophies etc.

Have you tried using supercell support. My friend had the same problem except he didn’t know what email he was using so he switched it. They’ll ask you a couple questions about your account and then they’ll help you get in

I know my email and i never change it but suddenly another account appeared on my mail actually. I tried using supercell support but they ask for my player code again and I think they’re keep asking for my code and it won’t change anything.
Prior to that I’m using supercell id but idk why my account switched

You can check you account code on royaleapi

I know my code but it didn’t change anything I can’t reach to my account