How to used the Deck Builder

Can someone tell me how to use the deck builder? I’ve watch the video many many times but can’t get it.

Hi Jake, welcome! I’m guessing you’re talking about the new Deck Search Helper feature, that’s meant to help you find additional war decks.

Start by visiting your own player profile. From there, click on the Decks tab. You should see a list of decks you’ve played over the past week. In the top right, click Deck Search Helper.

Scroll down to find your war decks. For each deck shown that’s a war deck, click on the red X symbol. This adds those war deck cards to the exclude list. Do this for your first 2 or 3 war decks, and then hit Search in the black pop-up dialog.

The search results then come back, with those war decks’ cards excluded.

I hope this helps - but let us know if you need more clarification, or if you were looking for something else.


Also, you can go to the “cards” tab on your profile and do a deck search for there by clicking deck search -> level 13 to show all your best possible maxed decks (use this more for ladder).

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Technically, the two methods mentioned above are helpers for deck search. If you just want to do a search directly, you can use the include and exclude card features directly at

A more comprehensive deck builder will be available in the future.