How to return all local clans

Hello there.

Since Clash Royale is decreasing active players I’m trying to recruit players to my clan. I’ve created a personal script that keeps watching for players that leave Portuguese clans in order to keep track of them and invite them later. Still, I’m not happy with this.

I want to recruit or merge with other clan, but to check our requirements (KL, number of active members) I need to know every option available. That means, every Portuguese clan.

From the API how can I get all the Portuguese clans? Until now, the only thing I can search for is top ladder clans, top war clans or search with keyword. How can I get all Portuguese clans in a API response?

Let’s put this another way, if I create a new account and a new Portuguese clan, how would you find out? You keep looking for new tags generated?

You can’t. You can fetch the Portuguese clan leaderboard though. There’re 1000 clans there.


You can get the location IDs from regions:

Portugal is 57000188 so you just fetch this endpoint for 1000 clans in Portugal

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Yeah. I’ve got into that. I thought you could do some magic tip on 1000 results limit workaround. Thank you!