How to interpret Legacy League Stats

Hi, I’m looking at player profiles, but am unsure of how to interpret the Legacy League Stats section.

The first section there (“Best Season”) makes sense to me. It gives stats for the best season using the old legacy ladder info.

The second and third sections (“Current Season” and “Previous Season”) are where I get confused. Current Season has the player’s current number of trophies which I can see on their profile in game. It also includes a section “Best Trophies” which is a very different number.

Previous Season is also confusing as those numbers do not match peak trophies from the previous season.

How should these numbers be interpreted?

In a related vein, is there an annotated profile somewhere which provides more information about how the various stats are calculated? This would be very helpful.

Thank you.

There’s something wrong with the source data from Supercell about the current / previous seasons. We might remove them. They keep on getting updated but with wrong / strange info.