How to check for missed war attacks in Clan Wars 2?

I am checking my clan wars 2 battle log and i wanted to know how do you go about checking if you have missed war attacks or not.

Try Clan War analytics.

Clan > War > Analytics


yes, the analytics show the misses but how can you tell from day to day if someone has missed from that day or not?

You can check the current war and see who hasn’t finished all in real time. There isn’t a daily report. It’s been requested but it requires supercell to add it.

oh okay that’s what i thought. Because we are from the US so some of us cannot stay up that late to see who has attacked and who didn’t by the morning. Is there a time table of supercell to add that daily report?

Pretty sure that they said that it’s not possible in the short term and it won’t be added.

However, we did ask to see if “battles played” can be changed to “battles played on battle days” and that should solve the core of the issues.