How many Clans are in Clash Royale

I’ve been researching for over a year and cannot find how many clans are in Clash Royale. Is there any way someone can tell me, or where I can find it?

No one knows and there isn’t a way to find it unless you brute-force try to fetch every single possible clan tags.

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I figured as much. I half way tried the brute force method lol. Have up after Aa Ab

My generic estimate is about 60k tho. Could be way off I’m sure

Your estimate is much lower than what we have logged. We don’t intentionally search for them. We just know about them when people visit them. We have about 1.5 million valid clan tags. However, that just means that those clans were once active with members — 0-member clans will show up as valid also.

We don’t try to look up how many are still active because that would not be a good use of our resources. We are here to provide a service to players, and not to do investigative research about the player base.