How do I help this?

So, on Friday I reached 6966 trophies. Since then in two days I lost so many games that im currently on 6535 trophies. I tried to stop, and play later, but it always turned out as a lose for me. The decks are pretty are same im playing against (they have at least 4-5 cards in common, like: MegaKnight, minipekka, witch, wizard, valkyrie OR goblinbarrel, valkyrie, inferno tower, hog, prince, elite barbarians). I went to ladder and reached master III painfully, with like 60 losses and 10 wins.

My deck though:
Elite Barbs
Royal Giant
Electro Wizard

Lvl 14 & maxed stats for all cards. Deckshop. pro says that it should have a more damaging spell, which is going to be firebal…

What am I doing wrong? How can i overcome this?

I would recommend the lightning spell as your big spell in your deck. It has more synergy with royal giant than fireball does. Also, many of the cards you’ve just mentioned, do not have much synergy with your win condition. Royale API has plenty of meta decks you can choose from and maybe they’ll serve you better. I leave it entirely up to you. I do not know if it an issue of skill, as I do not know your playstyle.

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