How difficult was it to do this?

Urgent Feedback Before Update (cards under again) (the new order is unintelligible)

The new design is horrible and unintuitive, it should be reversed right now before January 1st, it is what the community wants and needs, even though it is a good design, the organization of the decks no longer being at the bottom is very annoying because Please we ask for this change with all the love and affection that the game deserves

I made a design of how it should look simply as it was before with the new design that is quite beautiful but with the same organization of the cards at the bottom.

I hope it is not difficult for you to understand that this way it looks much better and with more organization. Furthermore, I do not understand why remove the cards from the bottom when they have always been at the bottom. We hope you leave this section as it was and not in an unpleasant way and without order. Have a happy afternoon. I hope this reaches the developer team, happy day


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