Hi support can add this achievement on my profile?

This is LPL ANZ CUP 2022 . It was finish today .
I got #5 on this tournament .

This is my tag id #prp098gy

Ok, thanks, it should be added in a few days

Hi im sorry this is my tag id #prp0988gy and nick name on game zul nino .

Sorry for the mistake

Thanks, we have everything we need. Just be patient and it will be added soon to your profile

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Thank you for your support :heart:

Hi i got it alr . But can u change my country information for malaysia? Because im born from malaysia . And just migrate on australia about 5 years a go .

Because im worried it will effect me during no tilt / wrl tour .

If you are living there and participating in region-exclusive events it seems more appropriate to display Australia.

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What were you disqualified for if you don’t mind me asking?

Im repeating the same card :frowning: