Hi I want to add some details to my profile plz

Hi i wanna add my 4 accs in my profile
The profile : #90U8L9J8V ديربالك
My other accs :
1- #VVVQCC92 ديربالك
2-#JJQV9YR9U mini | ديربالك
3-#UCQ80YGGJ abo 3adel snipe
4-#PJJYRCUR osama❤️snipe

And add my country flag kuwait

And add my twitter : @osamah01654869

And add my tik tok channel :@o_6_

And thx.

Hello, you can use the following form for your request: RoyaleAPI esports profiles.

I try so many time they don’t do it i dont know what the reason

Please read this: