Hey, I would like help retrieving my lost account

Hey there,
I lost my account due to switching from Iphone to android back in 2018. Is there any way you could possibly perform a custom search for me, so I can find my account’s tag? The name of the account is ‘Baby’ (of course, the ‘’ are not part of the name). From what I have seen you dont do searches with levels and all that sort of stuff, so I won’t give that information. But if you need anything else, I will be happy to provide it.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: even if the account list is quite big, I would still really appreciate if you were to give it to me.

I’m so sorry for bothering you once again, you must be very busy; but all my friends started playing again and I really don’t want to grind and put the effort I once put. I am not sure I have used your website before, but I do know I have used stats.royale. Also, is there any way I could search up my account tag using my name, myself ?
Thanks once again!!!

Using other sites and apps will not populate our database. So the short answer is that it won’t help — it’s like this… if you have visited a restaurant often then they tend to know what you might order when you visit. But if you visited the restaurant next door, you can’t expect them to know what you might order just coz the two restaurants are close to each other.

If you want to search your account by name, just enter your name into the search field where it asks for your player tag.

or try here: Player Search - RoyaleAPI

thanks for the reply, but after searching, my account doesn’t appear in the top 100. That is the reason why I asked you if you could perform a custom search for me. I believe I have used this website before, however not entirely sure. I do know that I have used the other, but they don’t have these custom searches, which is unfortunate. That is why you are my only chance to recover my account. If it doesn’t take too much time, would really, really appreciate if you could give me a list of all the names ‘Baby’; so that I could search for my account in your database.
Thanks once again, SML

yes but do you know how many “Baby” there are? I can give you 10,000 tags but what good would that do?

But if you insists…

Thank you so much. Sorry for the trouble. Wish you the best of luck

I know you are very buisy, but you started typing something and then you stopped.

Thank god I insisted and you were kind enough to send me the list. Already found it!!! Hope you can help many more and that life gives you what you desire.
Have a nice one,
your dear friend