It would be nice to have a head-to-head feature.

You’ll have to be more specific about this request. It’s not clear what you’re requesting.

How to write feature requests:

  • What are you trying to accomplish? (purpose)
  • Why do you need this? (use case)
  • How would you like to see this implemented? How would it look like on the interface? Where would it go?

Give as much detail as possible to explain your idea.

To give you a concrete example of what a feature request looks like:

  • I’d like the market to add an Apple Stand, because I want to make Apple pies and no one is selling apples nearby.
  • Ideally, the Apple Stand should be easily accessible, perhaps near the front door of the Market, or near all other fruit vendors.
  • The apple stand should have at least 20 apples for sale every day.

Head-to-head would be a feature in which a player could see the times he/she has played against another player and the win rate %. The head-to-head feature could be used for statistical purpose. It would be mostly used by higher ranked players since the chance to play with the same player is higher either on ladder or Grand Challenges.

I’d like to have the head-to-head feature because it could be used competitively and there is no similar feature as of now which I think could bring the interest of many players if announced.

As previously said, it would be implemented mainly on ladder and on challenges. For example if “x” player has played against “y” player 6 times on ladder and 4 times in Grand Challenges, have a win rate for ladder and one for grand challenges and another of both combined: “x” has played a total of 10 matches against “y” and has 50% WR in ladder (3/6) , a 25% WR in Grand Challenges (1/4) , with a overall WR of 40% (4/10).
Visually, it could look similar as the Matchup win rate graphs

Ok, so here are the issues:

  • We don’t store battle data beyond 30 days. Storage is not free and a month of battle data is a LOT. We do store challenge data a bit longer.
  • During the last 30 days, it’s unlikely that two players would have played more than 4-6 games unless they are in CRL.
  • If you can provide two players with their tag, I will run a search and check the results. I can tell you right now that unless it returns more than 6 results using player pairings, it’s unlikely that we will implement this because it simply isn’t useful.
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Makes Sense, it all comes down to storage. It was just an idea I’ve had in mind for a long time and I’ve seen in other games which I thought that it would be a fun feature to have. Thank you!

Can you show me example screenshots of what you’ve seen in other games?

I still think that if you could suggest a few players to look at for us to run examples, it would be useful.

Like I said, we do store top ladder and GC battles a lot longer than the rest. I’ve added long term storage for these battles so it’s less price-sensitive than using our uber-fast storage for the recent battles. That said, since they are stored on less-performant storage, it won’t be as fast to query them.

I did a random sample for Mohamed Light, who plays lots of game, and here are his top 20 players:

But I assume that you want exact player A vs exact player B and their win results. It might not happen as often as you like - unless both players are in Top 1000 and/or play friendly (aka leagues) often.

Just to give you an example — i am a very average player. These are the players I face in the last 30 days. That’s at most 2 times per player.


This is an example of what chess does, I used to play soccer games like FIFA and DLS in which they had the feature as well but it’s something in-game.

And yes, I understand, That’s why I think it would be more used for top ladder players and Grand Challenges

in Chess.com’s case, they are the ones providing the games, so it is easier. In our case, we don’t have the battles data already in place. For us to get the battles data, we are limited to the last 25 battles played by a specific player. This means that to get more battle data, we must be actively logging those players round the clock. So if you don’t visit your battle log and your friend does not visit your battle log, and the H2H happens beyond both of your last 25 battles, then we just won’t have the data.

This is why it’s not as easy as you imagine. Since there is no way for us to query the Supercell database directly with the options that we need. And even Supercell does not store beyond the last 25 battles for each player because of the sheer size of those
battle data. So if you’re looking for beyond 25 battles, this is it — we are it.

Regular users who don’t understand how all of these work will get confused about WHY they can’t find the 50 games they’ve played with a friend about 3 months ago.

That’s what I realized, they have it in-game, so that would be a feature that would be added only through supercell I guess. Thank you once again.

Untrue. Just hard to explain. We do store battle data beyond the last 25. Anyway, we will look into this since it gives valid results for top players. But alas, no timeline.

I appreciate what you guys do.