Have I faced this guy before?

It would be really cool if you could check on royaleapi on matches if you and your opponent have faced before and what the result and use of decks were in the matches. I don’t know if this is possible but it would be a really cool feature.


We’ve considered it a few times, but the truth is that unless you are in the top10K or so you are usually facing people you’ve never met; specially considering that our battle logs only cover a few weeks.

So I guess it could be added for top players in the future, but it’s not a feature that can be added for everyone.

I would also love to see that feature! Maybe this is an idea: Add a new “friend” category on RoyaleAPI, where you can add other accounts to a different friendlist. You could call it scoreboard or sth like that. And for every other account you add to your personal list (which is connected to your account) you start a scoreboard between the two players. The major point is that you have to add an account to your scoreboard list to start tracking your “rivalry”. I have an example screenshot from lichess, a chess website:

This indicator would appear beneath all the games that you played against each other aswell as in your scoreboard in your profile.
What do you think of that? Pls let me know, as I would love this feature for CR. And the restriction to only track the games between players you manually link to your scoreboard is just to make it possible in this huge database.

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It would be even more special to encounter the same person twice as a standard player. I don’t think it’d be that special for pros who have names already memorized. Definitely creates special moments for us noobs.