GT badge not showing the right amount

the global tournament badge says 2/10 while there are 4 finishes, i have seen this on other accounts too.
goodluck with fixing :slight_smile:

There are a few reasons:

  • The Supercell badge uses results immediately after the event is over.
  • The leaderboard exact results are after fairplay + TOS checks.

Sometimes, Supercell will remove someone from the GT leaderboard for small TOS things and not the others. This will then result in discrepancies.

And so you ask… why can’t we get the pre-TOS/Fairplay leaderboard? The reason is that we have already asked, and they said that it is not possible. So that’s why we now have this discrepancy.

Unfortunately, this it no something that we can fix easily — but I can assure you that the result we display are accurate. They are coming from Supercell servers.

We will in fact be providing a list of all the GT leaderboard finishes in an upcoming update so you can see results for yourself. We cannot however explain the data discrepancy in data that are literally sent to us from Supercell.

You can in fact validate that these differences did not come from us — if you just use the API directly yourself.