Goblin World Update - 2024 Q2

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consider these please

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nice, perfect time to quit the game!

Goblin Machine needs emergency nerf both hp and rocket dmg

@SML do you have any information on the order of the separate goblin chest cycle?

No, because to determine it, we at least would need to know where you’re at, and no one would want to enter their chest order to find their position. This is complicated to explain. Supercell has a way to automate it, but likely never had time to implement it, and now they are all on summer vacation. So hard to do this.

I don’t mean me specifically, but a general chest cycle. I don’t particularly care about the order either, really just how many of each chest are in the cycle. I’m trying to calculate whether it’s better for me to get my chests from the golbin world, or the regular chest cycle.