Goblin Giant Evolution - July 2024 (Season 61)

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The card face design looks terrible.
It really sucks😂


Beatdown decks are having so much less fans compare to others. Today it’s hard for them dealing with this all bait and spam evolved decks. Impossible to break through evo wizard and evo tesla. Since you have evolved other metas recently. I think it’s time to add Skeleton Dragons Evolution soon. It makes beatdown have a little chance in new meta. I suggest a little health buff (not to survive fireball) and have a mechanic simular to Super Dragon in coc or higher splash area.
Thanks for your time:)

( “No” people will reply soon:)

Let’s change goblin spawn from 1,5 s to 2 or 2,25 sec. 1,5 it’s way to fast. Also it would be better to change goblin spawn from 2,5 to 3 tiles and reduce the number of spawn goblins to 4 or 5 maximum. It will be really difficult to react for this spam if it stays like current settings. My idea about this slightly nerf of this evolution is that this card will create a lot of free troops without using extra elixir. It would be really difficult to defend the card which costs 6 eli and will be creating troops for another 3 - 4 elixir.

No. Evo tesla on beatdown decks?

i agree i think its time to stop play this game that goblin look arabic as hell