Goblin Drill Evolution - July 2024 (Season 61)

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ykw, emergency nerf must b coming

I had warned before the Goblin Machine, Curse release that they will be too broken since it was pretty obvious that they would be. Same

Normal Goblin drill is one of the top decks this season and your idea is to give it an evo. Brain rot.

The nerfs that it needs - reduce the activation twice to one activation at 50%, or completely remove the submerge goblins spawn

Also please nerf it before release. You will face serious community lashback, still hoping you care about this


If They Mess it up once more…sadly it would be their last…People will get over this game

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You will face serious community lashback

Supercell Live Reaction: “We do not care.”

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when do you fix the bug (it emerge espeacially in clan war)?
actually the deck has 8 cards and we can take it into gameplay.

The champions border should be golden!!!