Get eSports achievements after other got it

I am wondering if it is possible to get Team achievements after the achievements already have been put. I am Analyst in Flayn eSports since a long time (since we joined flayn and also the Original Team “O.C”). My QUestion is, if it is possible to get the achievements that i did not get yet in my profile, due to that only players got the achievements. Exactly it is me about the achievements:

  • OCL OCL Qulifier 2020
  • GGL Season 1 #8 2020
    -CRFR Season 1 #16 2020
    -CRFR Season 2 #16 2020
    these 4 are missing in my profile, but are in the Team and the players profile. Is there a way i could get these?
    My tag is: #2JYYP82J
    WIth Kind regards,

Hi Niklas, the list of participants that are supposed to get achievements is usually provided by the event organisers.

That said, if you can send us proof of being part of these teams, we can look into it with more detail.

Hey Alpe,
YOu maybe could tell me what would be proof? Basicly the problem is, that the staff is not included as Member in these leagues.

An old post on social media that references your participation (at the time of the event) would be a good start.

Also, from the ones you listed, CRFR S2 isn’t a valid achievement at the moment, the organisers didn’t provide the required information for us to add it.