General Thoughts about recent updates

Recently I have liked some of the changes which Supercell has made to the game like the balance changes, the goblin mode, the lucky drops, evo events and general updates to the game have been good.

However my main complaint is that they still practice releasing broken cards and nerfing them which can be seen in little prince, evo bomber, duchess and now with machine and curse. They have all been too broken and then nerfed a lot so the p2w people got the advantage and the others did not.

I want to also say that it is very hard to get all the stats correct on release that balances a card correctly and balancing requires multiple iterations. Like small stats changes can make people choose one card over another which can cause one archetype to become very strong and completely kill some strategies and archetypes.

Also in terms of releasing cards they should release the cards to the youtubers and streamers and let them play with it for some time and see how it is. Or maybe another idea is the way they have decided to do balance changes like they release the stats for a card and create a form like the card is balanced and should be added, card is weak and needs this buff, card is strong and needs this nerf and then people vote and then the card is released based on this feedback from the community

Also in general, I would rather they release weak cards and buff them up as required. Their general strategy is to create hype about broken cards which is why people pay for them and this method of releasing a weak card and buffing them up will make people not buy it but it will be better for the game and balancing in general

Just for the record I want to restate the balance changes, evo events, goblin mode are good changes to the game which had variety which I support