Frost Festival - Clash Royale Season 43 (January 2023)

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No banner tokens in challenges?

Can you also change the 500-chest cycle for king level 42-50. By replacing the Epic Chest with the Champion Chest.

As far as I’m aware, RoyaleAPI is a separate entity from both Clash Royale and Supercell, and can only (at best) advise them based on players feedback, not directly make such a change in the game. Making a post in either Clash Royale’s subreddit, Twitter or RoyaleAPI’s may have more chance of bringing your hope to fruition.

I think SML does have some communications with Supercell. And I know he can’t change it, but if he sees my idea he can hopefully pass it down.

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Bro supercell just killed MM AGAIN!!! He was perfectly fine the way he was!! Leave my boy alone! Maybe like a 3% health buff would be nice and keep his speed. I’m sad now that bait is dying. Leave MM alone

I see your comment — but this is unlikely to change and hard to suggest it in a single request. I would suggest that you reply to this thread on Twitter or write a post about your ideas on Reddit.

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Also I don’t know if it’s just me but I think mighty Miner is too slow I don’t think it’s medium speed. It’s either PEKKAs speed or slower

I can assure you that it’s changed to medium speed.

Ok I tested it with princess and witch and they’re the same speed. Maybe I’m just so used to Mighty Miner being sonic speed.

Why aren’t there any balance changes yet?

When is the next 7x infinity elixir coming back it hasnt been in the game for over 3 4 months?