[Freezer] Esports profile changes [Locked Profile]

I want to delete the first and last account from my api file please

please list the specific player tags that you’d want to be removed

Hello, I would like to add my achievements in tournaments to my profile, how can I do that please

and please don’t comment on other support issues that aren’t relevant to your case

#J2G2P88QC. #222J8LV8 pls

Can you delete 2 account with name ★彡FREEZER❄™

@alpe123 can you help me bro It’s been about a week and I want to delete accounts from my profile

Last warning, do not use other people’s issues to discuss yours. If this happens again your profile will be permanently locked and future changes will be rejected.

We’ll look into your request when we have time.

Can you remove this acc from my profile

As warned, your profile is now permanently locked. So no, accounts will not be hidden or removed.

But why, I wrote to you in the right place, I need help, and I don’t know how to delete it

Can you remove this acc from my profile