Fixing the music during the battles on CW

Hi, I’m sure some of you noticed that in duels there are bugs with the game’s music. When you finish the first battle and you have to choose the next deck the music continues. I mean, personally I can’t stand the fact that at the begging of the second battle I’m listening to sudden death music. What do you think?

Hi @Skrobek321

welcome to the community — you know that we are not Supercell, yes? So we won’t be able to handle these types of user support as it doesn’t have anything to do with RoyaleAPI.

These types of requests that are about the game directly and can’t be handled by RoyaleAPI should either be posted to which is the official forum for the game, or you can post them to Support in-game.

Unless you are not seeking support and wanted to discuss about it, then sure this is the correct place to be.


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