Fixed my esports information

please remove Mugiwara from my esport information… it’s not my profile… my account name is Reiju #2J0PVP9UG

Sorry, this profile is locked and therefore it cannot be edited. That information is displayed due to it being a CRL participant.

Please remove Jerry from my esports information profile… its not my name… my account is Vinsmoke Sanji#YLYGPGV

Hello, you can use the following form for your request: RoyaleAPI esports profiles.

I have from few weeks ago… but still not changed… please fix it

I have submitted several times since 2 months ago to remove Jerry’s name from my esports information, but until now there has been no change either… please help admin… my account is Vinsmoke Sanji #YLYGPGV

Hi, are these 2 your accounts?

You can only have one name for both, so please pick one. Also, do you have any social media links that we can use to validate this information?

Oh, yes… both are my acc… can you change the name esports information to Arpin

If acc Reiju can’t changed coz still following CRL… atleast change acc Vinsmoke Sanji first, pls