Finished 100th in Global Tournament but did not get a badge or not does it show up in the profile

I finish 100th in global tournament.
But when I checked the api, I found that my api profile had not been updated. And I didn’t get the emoji award.

Player ID: GGbond
Player tag: #U2YPVUPQP

The in-game achievement rewards as soon as the game finishes, but the emote and the GT achievement on RoyaleAPI is based on the finalized leaderboard after fair play checks. So it would appear that you might not have made it after fair play — though the reason is unknown.

We also won’t know what it would be.

I played the GT by myself, and there was no winning trade. Why I got punished? :frowning:

I don’t know why fair play removed you — it’s not necessarily for win trading. The exact reason is never known. sorry.