Final Balance Changes for October 2023 (Clash Royale Season 52)

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every wincondition here lavahound will get immediately nerfed when good, how that never happens to hog? Compare use rates and still 50% winrate in UC, so you can’t argue it’s bad. use rates of cycle is self-speaking. there are like 1% top players left, that not play a cycle deck.

they should have nerfed cards that are popular over too long of time for example ice spirit


evo barbs overnerfed


Very happy with these balances and I’m glad it didn’t end up being 10 nerfs. MA is going to die I already know it, it did not deserve a nerf. Just because a card is strong doesn’t mean it needs a nerf, example, the battle ram is a very powerful card, but does not need a nerf.

I’m very excited to see the snowball rework. My deck has been struggling in recent metas so this snowball “rework” will really help it out.

Let’s be honest no one uses a snowball for the damage.

Why do they always end up buffing hog 2.6đź’€

Here are my thoughts:

Marcher: I mean, It’s tough to say, but I think the card might be a bit in need of a buff after this, but only time will tell… the fact that he attacked so fast initially and was a great reactionary will dampen his power a bit…

Ice Golem: I honestly thought he was a fine card. I was using 2.6 to grind his mastery, and I can honestly say he was a pretty decent card in it, but i can see why SC decided to buff it since he wasn’t really used anywhere else…

Evo Knight: Not enough, make his hit speed 1 sec and make his shield 50%, he has a 50% usage rate in GC right now… SC is too light with him…

Evo Barbs: Yeah, this is a decent nerf in my opinion, I think they will become balanced now

Evo skellies: this is actually how they were supposed to be, so I think they will be a good card now, even if it’s still better to have evo barbs as a defensive card than skellies… even if they stay at a 3% usage but their win rate goes to 50%, i think they would be balanced

Bomb Tower: More consistent with the Bomber, but Bomb Tower will most likely be phased out for Tesla or Cannon, cause the bomber hits pretty slowly… but with the health the BT has, it might still be good…

Goblin Cage: He deserves the buff, he has been bad for a while, and tbh should get a cage health buff of like 5% as well… but that’s just me… time will tell if cage becomes good

Giant: He definitly deserves this, good for the Giant, I think this will def make his usage rate a bit more balanced

Giant Snowball: Finally the snowball gets some love, no one used snowball for it’s damage anyway… as long as it can kill skellies and counter goblins, this is an overall buff…

Lava Hound: I mean, it has been good for a while, so probably kinda deserved, but since my deck is countered by lavahound im biased… I think it might become kinda eh after this…

Final thoughts: Buff/rework wizard, witch, buff guards, and give a slight nerf to ice spirit and hog rider

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Honestly, every balanace change(s) is indirectly a buff to any kind of hog deck. Name 1 season where Hog cycle has not been viable.

RIP marcher and lava.

naaaa. nado neceesita un nerf si o si, va a ser un meta igual de basura que el actual con estos cambios

The fact that Nado didn’t get nerfed AGAIN and Snowball plus Fireball no longer kills Fisherman is incredibly scary.

I’m happy with all the nerfs but hate almost all the buffs.

Evo skeles will be terrible.

I agree with another where it seems like they try to encourage hog decks. And the snowball will push balloon cycke which was already doing well.

No marcher or bower

I don’t get how nado, inferno dragon and balloon are all above ice golem, cage and snowball in the votes but they still picked cage en snowball. I agree balloon doesn’t need a nerf because of the lava nerf but the other 2 could use 1 imo. Bomber is also above the 3 buffed cards but didn’t get a buff.

2.6 hasn’t been meta for literal years homie, just because the occasional person plays it doesn’t mean it’s viable

Lava will continue being broken couse it has bad stats before the nerf, the problem is the lava’s decks structure. For example lumberloon decks are broken but the problem isn’t the loon or the lumber ,there is the deck estructure and the deck strategy

I disagree. the only thing lava could do was tanking and they nerfed that too. you may say the deck is still good but they nerfed evo barbs too you forgot that. whole deck is nerfed in both offensive and defensive aspect. it will not die like marcher but usage will fall significantly.

I like to play lava sometimes and I think that the usege won’t fall, just the win rate

Dear Supercell, I think the barbarian hut should be reworked when no one uses it anymore (0%):

  • When used, barbarian hut will only have a certain time to create barbarians. During that time, the barbarian hut will not automatically lose HP like buildings in the current game. After the timer expires, the barbarian hut will no longer work, but the barbarian hut will remain.

-After the enemy destroys the barbarian hut, one barbarian will be created (as currently)

=> That will make the barbarian hut last for a while longer instead of losing health over time, creating a little more time for allies, making the barbarian hut more useful.

  • In return, I think we should reduce the barbarian hut’s HP by about “3%-5%” to prevent this rework from being too overwhelming.
  • If possible, can it also be applied to spear goblin hut and furnace?

*A little aside, can the developer edit the following cards like this:

  • Rage: this is a very strong card, having more than 20% usage in every arena. Should rework:
  • Buff damage: 35% → 30%

  • Duration: 6 seconds → 7 seconds

  • Tornado: a very strong card but depends a lot on skills, so damage should be reduced to warn players:
  • Damage: -12%

  • Add new: Can not cause damage to crown tower

-Log: Suitable for all rank levels, used too much. However, nerf damage will make it disappear:

  • length: 11.5 → 11

  • width: 3.9 → 4

  • Pushback: 0.7 → 0.5

  • Magic Archer: he’s just okay, I think we should reduce his damage (which makes people call him trash) and reduce his first hit time (so he can easily trade elixir):
  • Damage: -9%

  • First hit time: 0.8 second → 0.2 second(please)

-Guards: he is too weak, cannot defend or attack with Skeleton Army or other cards. Needs buffs:

  • Spawn Guards: 3 → 4

Thank the developer if you have read to the end of the article. These are just a few of my thoughts, thanks Supercell.

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