Final Balance Changes for November 2023 (Clash Royale Season 53)

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Evo skellies don’t need a buff. Instead of trying to buff “weak” evolutions, buff the actual weak cards. Wizard has been trash for like 5 years. Not tailing about bats cuz they’re actually under performing.

Other than that good changes.

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Please throw in this balance change:

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I think we need to more nerf on Little Prince. It is too dominant in usage and win rate.
We must decrease the dash range and attack acceleration.

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Evolved Skeletons
First hit speed buff is not needed, as it’s already pretty good. It’s designed for defense, and considering that it is 1 elixir, they do their job, of requiring the attacker to accompany a spell and use more elixir than needed. It shouldn’t be possible to make them act too much like mini evolved barbarians.

Evolved Bats
First hit speed increase would greatly help them as they can heal faster and gain HP

Evolved Knight
Attack speed nerf was necessary as it was a small tank that doesn’t die by ranged troops but kills other small tanks with its high dps. This would balance the evolved knight, having high HP and fair damage.

Evolved Royale Recruits
Their main annoyance was charge & dash damage, along with improved HP. Decreasing damage would help, but also dash distance should be from 2 tiles → 2.5 tiles. They dash way too quickly.

Evolved Archers
Range 6.5 tiles → 6 tiles -Masked by OP little prince, this needs a little nerf to make sure this doesn’t shoot power shots from extremely far away.

Attack speed when using powershot only 0.9s → 1.2s - Power shot deals way too much dps, even with just one archer. This lowers the dps by making the archers shoot slower, only when powershot is enabled.

These are my thoughts about using (lvl 13) and facing little prince on path of legends (currently midway through grand champion)

It doesn’t feel too OP when using it, but when facing it without little prince, my troops are gone in the bridge. It kills troops way too quickly when fighting on the bridge, especially for graveyard. Defense and offense is greatly improved by the skill that it solved the problem of graveyard- low number of ground troops. lvl 13 has large disadvantages, including: three-shotting goblins and dying to fireball. However, even with that, using it is very worth it.

Little Prince
This is the currently most OP card in the game. To balance it out, I suggest this:

Guardian dash distance 5 tiles → 4.5 tiles (same as the balance change) - Able to hit ranged units upto 5.5 tiles (guardian deals splash damage upto 1 more tile)

Guardian HP (lvl 11) 1800 → 1300 (-24%) - This makes the HP around lumberjack’s. This makes the guardian less effective for offense. It has a little more HP than royale ghost but without splash damage. Guardian could be used as a bridgespam unit in offense by using the skill before crossing the bridge, but now this would make it easier to kill but still being a fair small tank in defense with its spawn-on damage and knockback.

Guardian attack speed 1.2s → 1.3s - This lowers the dps a little bit to make it deal less damage when dashed towards the tower.

Guardian range: melee/long → melee/medium - This prevents hitting the tower way too quickly when skill is used on the bridge. I pretty sure think that it has melee/long range due to its long reach & big sword.

Guardian knockback area: all troops in the same lane, upto 6 tiles in front of little prince → 2 tiles — 6 tiles in front of little prince, same width as current - This is so that when using small tanks to kill little prince, the guardian doesn’t prevent them from killing little prince. The skill is still useful in defense.

Little Prince (lvl 11) HP 700 → 656 (-6%), now dies to fireball & arrow + log - This makes it the same HP as ice wizard. It was unreasonable that a 3 elixir ranged card doesn’t die to a fireball. It was too OP that little prince still deals so much damage without dying.

Little Prince attack speed 1.2s — 0.4s → 1s — 0.4s - More easier to charge up in return for attack speed reset upon killing the enemy.

Little Prince attack mechanism: Charge lost on movement → charge lost upon enemy killed - Makes it like an inferno dragon but with better swarm control, lower HP, and less maximum damage. There is no delay between changing targets; only attack speed resets. This prevents little prince acting like un-resetted inferno dragon on so many troops.

the guardian will be less effective as an offense troop while still providing little prince the required protection. Defensive skill is still effective as its knockbacks and dash damage remains untouched. However, doing this requires some risks as to utilize the knockbacks, it needs to be closer to the tower, and doing so would risk fireball killing little prince and potentially hitting a building on the center.

Little prince will be less effective on clearing out troops near the bridge as its charge resets upon enemy killed and it dies to fireball. It will be more viable than the inferno dragon as its range is long and no delay between changing targets and better initial dps, but with less maximum damage and HP.

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I’m directly responsible for some of these bug fixes :joy:

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If it became 4 elixir, the main question is: does it truly have advantages over musketeer while having disadvantages?

I see the advantages of wizard as high dps with large splash radius, which kills troops quickly when combined with tornado / without tornado.

I see the advantages of musketeer as stable defense through fast attack speed and fair damage.

To balance the wizard out when it became 4 elixir, I suggest:

Area damage (lvl 11) 281 → 261 (-7%) Key interactions:
three shots: musketeer, wizard, e wizard, ice wizard, etc. & skeleton dragon, flying machine, baby elixir golem, barbarians, etc.
two shots: zappies, skeleton barrel, magic archer, mother witch, archers, firecracker, elixir golem-mites etc.
one shots: guard shield, dark prince shield, royale recruit shield, princess, dart goblin, goblins, minions, etc.
Key changes: mega minion, royale hogs, witch, hunter, evolved barbarians do not get 3 shoted. Royale recruit (no shield) doesn’t get 2 shotted.
This keeps most main interactions with the wizard while dealing less damage. Not all interactions are listed

Range: 5.5 tiles → 5 tiles - This lowers the survivability of wizard as its damage wasn’t nerfed a lot compared to being 4 elixir. This includes when defending against tanks with a building, so that a spell can hit all tower, building, and wizard. Enemy troops behind tank will kill wizard more easily as wizard must walk up more to hit.

Attack speed 1.4s → 1.5s - Lowers dps of wizard while keeping its high damage per shot.

Splash radius: 1.5 tiles → 1.3 tiles - This is so that wizard doesn’t kill every troop with too much splash radius.

Compared to musketeer, wizard has 174 dps while musketeer has 218. Wizard offers high damage with splash damage that can be synergized, but with slower attack speed and less range. Musketeer offers more stable defense with higher dps and longer range.

Generally, I agree with your idea but with higher damage that wizard doesn’t get trash compared to musketeer. For the first attack speed, we’ll have to see if it needs a nerf.

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Creating new problems instead of fixing the ones that exist. Clash Royale in a nutshell.


I like both our ideas. And would be happy if either were added into the game. As for the first attack speed I got that information from the website down below. I think if he was reworked he would need to get that stat changed for either of our changes. 0.4 sec for the first hit speed is really fast if you compared to similar cards, such as the musketeer, magic archer, or witch.

Please stop saying wizard must be a 4 elixir card

It would be so broken.

No bud, people can and will post their opinions.