Final Balance Changes (December 13, 2023 Q4, Clash Royale Season 54)

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The ice spirit is good, but the nerfs are not enough; GG needs a greater nerf imo
Also, it took them THIS LONG to see GG was broken?? So obvious that SC are lying to us…


does the spear goblins nerf also affect the goblin gang and hut and normal spear goblins card? or just the spear goblins that are in the back of the goblin giant?

I think mighty miner needs a buff too. It has been off meta for quite a while, also it has been way overshadowed by other similar troops like the knight.

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Normal Spear goblins already had a 1.7 hit speed- expect for in the GG backpack- this reverts that change, making it 1.7 in the backpack and out of it

Very surprised (maybe unsurprising) that there is not a Little Prince nerf. He still has an overwhelming 63% usage rate with clear win rate of 61% in Grand Challenge mode.

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Little prince needs a nerf idk why it didn’t get a nerf knowing that it is in 60% of decks in Top 200 also the nerf to spear goblins in Goblin giant was almost nothing because it’s still busted, it should get like a 4% hit points nerf to balance it out.