Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale October 2022 (Season 40)

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Buffs for Knight and Goblins have been removed. Becuase of an issue with interactions that would require a client update, these buffs have been removed, but they will still happen in the future when these interactions can be fixed .

What exactly does this mean? Is this suggesting maybe 2 months from now on a standard balance cycle? Or when the can feasibly do a client side update? I ask because I was really looking forward to the goblins being viable again…

I think the goblin buff was so Overbalanced and it would make a bad meta. But i’m so sad because the knight buff is canceled. If the gobgang goes into the meta, it compel use of Vakyrie and golden knight.

I still dont understand why cannon cart is getting nerfed. Cannon is getting nerfed because it is overused in quick cycle decks, but cannon cart is a 5 elixir support card not used in quick cycle decks?? I understand that if destroyed cannon cart and cannon are coded to have the same values, it is easier to just change them both but then why not buff cannon cart shield HP to balance this nerf? Especially when compared to queen being a top used card(which is not getting nerfed), it doesnt make sense to nerf a less popular medium elixir support card.
For instance
-8% hp destroyed form
+8% hp shield form

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SML can you ask supercell if they plan to do anything to increase the wizard usage rate in grand challenge and Top 1000? The executioner was basically a better wizard and then got the extra 1.0 tile projectile range buff. I would like to see it’s damage radius increase from 1.5 tiles to 2.0 tiles. But I would take any change at this point. Even the witch is starting to see more usage.

Please do something about mirror its usage rate had dramatically decreased and it’s now removed in most meta decks. Maybe like a rework?

But… it is an issue. I believe that any other types of rework will require a client update so it can’t be done immediately.

This is really tricky because overleveled Wizard at 5000-6000 trophy range is an issue. So while he is weak in competitive, there isn’t a good way to fix the ladder issues.

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