Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale May 2024 (Season 59)

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1.[Dagger Duchess nerf is not enough. She need daggers number nerf.] and/or slower attack speed. The main problem is her high damage dealt to troops.

2.[Evo firecracker and archers damage increase is not needed.]
It will make them too strong if you don’t have arrows. It makes arrows a must in eveydeck which limits deck variation.

3.[Evo battle ram]
There should be a way to counter it, like making it stops charging when it connects to a building, or remove its knockback to troops

4.[Evo Valkyrie)
Tornado damage buff is not needed.
It killing bats in one shot is too strong and make bats/night witch/evo bats, so weak

5.[Evo mortar]
Hp nerf is not needed. Was not too strong. One of the least used evolutions. People usually can prevent it from locking on tower and can deal with it. It was only a problem when the mortar locks on tower. Hp nerf will lower its usage rate even more. All the players are commenting about how it should not receive a nerf.

6.[Evo tesla]
Death shockwave may not be needed. It may make it too strong compared to other evolutions. Evolution Tesla already has more hp than normal tesla and shockwave.

7.[Evo Bats]
Attack speed nerf is not needed. The initial attack speed was the thing that kept them decent and not weak compared to other evolutions. Zap/arrows kills them and they are less used than other evolutions.



I was fully expecting the cannoneer to get a buff, but you nerf the only thing it has going for it? This is why most people still use the tower princess.

  1. Agreed Hp wasnt it. Shouldve been max daggers 8 → 7 , or slightly reduce hitspeed, or increase recharge time. literally anything else.

  2. It is needed. those are signficant HP nerfs on evos that were already kinda underperforming.

  3. Take away most of what makes it special? lol its not even that good of an evo

  4. Needs to be seen how much this buff/rework of valk was needed. it was kinda dumb that the nado didnt kill ANYTHING imo. Also evo valk has been trash since launch leave her alone. ALSO it doesnt kill Evo bats, just the normal ones.

  5. Yeah its probably dead. same as Evo RG and evo recruits. they needed a buff to their evo abilities compesate for the hp loss (and more than just the 3% RG and recruits got). These 3 were already pretty mid/bad evos

  6. I like the death shockwave to make it more unique, but it shouldnt have kept some of its HP Buff. will be very strong next season

  7. i wouldve liked the evo bats nerf to be first hit to .5 to match evo skellys. If they didnt nerf evo bats at all after nerfing all the other evos they wouldve been too good

it was better than the princess, but the dutchess overshadows everything (and still will)

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Little Prince didnt get a nerf LOL. most of these are good, Dutchess needed a different nerf and will still be the best tower troop by far. Evo barbs and evo tesla will probably be REALLY good next season.

This balance changes are really good. I like how Supercell made evos have their unique abilities as their value instead of increased stats. It makes it take more skill. Watching Knight removed of the buff and Poison and Cannoneer nerf hurt as a Miner Control player, but they all needed a nerf. ALSO, WHERE IS THE LITTLE PRINCE NERF! He literally appears in one of every two matches and you chose to nerf Evo Mortar instead💀. Last this balance changes kinda feels like which cards void will kill the most😼.

Dutchess’s hitpoints isn’t the problem, she needs 6 daggers instead of 8, nerf her hitspeed to 0.4s from 0.35s, and reduce her recharge time from 1.2s to 1s so she’s not a one trick.

Give Cannoneer more hitpoints, reduce his damage more and give him a faster attack speed. Tower troops should not be extremely Rock-Paper-Scissors in my opinion. RPS kills deck variety and makes the game less enjoyable.

Little Prince DESPERATELY needs a nerf, he’s been the strongest champion since release, nerf his damage by 10% (100 > 90) and reduce the knockback of Guardian’s knockback ability by 0.7 tiles (2.5 > 1.8, same as a Snowball).

Evo Bomber and evo Zap are the two strongest evos in the game, the nerfs they’re getting are NOT enough, reduce Bomber’s splash radius of the bounces, and make evo Zap hit twice instead of 3 times, with no damage reduction.

Evo Mortar is underwhelming and unpopular, it doesn’t need that hp nerf.

Please revert the range buff Giant got a couple changes back, he’s been way too strong in every meta since then.

Poison nerf should be a Miner crown tower damage nerf instead. The meta has been all small spells and no big spells for the past 2 months with the exception of Miner Poison and Goblin Drill Poison decks.

there’s an error on the infographic - the tesla does not retain any health bonus if its -17% just like the mortar

poison nerf makes it do less dmg than fireball to the crown tower now… not sure if that is too much of a nerf


I said this on the WIP balance changes. They decided to not listen us and proceed with a health nerf that’s not going to solve the problems this tower troop has. Nerf the reload time or max amount of AMMO and that would be okay.


Where’s Little Prince nerf? A champion of 3 elixir who survive a fireball is crazy. I don’t know if reducing his HP so he dies to fireball is the solution, but a least nerf some of his most broken mechanics.
Also, they should have buff at least one card with 0% usage rate, or at least buff a mediocre champion (GK, Monk or MM).


I agree with most of them. I think Evo Skeletons and Archers nerf (“rework”) were unfair because they were healthy cards. But they showed the intentions to make evolutions more balanced, specially with Evo Knight and Evo Bomber.


I think this BC are mediocre, you can nerf most of the evos but it will not work if we are going to be dealing with the same meta 2 months more. I’m tired of playing against elixir collector beatdown decks. Yes, I wasn’t happy when fast cycles were too strong too, but the point of balance changes is that, finding a balance. Maybe I’m wrong and the meta would be more healthy, but I don’t think so.

Score: 4/10

Last 2 months I haven‘t been playing so much so I guess my opinion doesn‘t matter as much but I do not see the poison nerf in being right. Why do you have to reduce it by whole 17%? Make the tower dmg just a little less than fireball or maybe one nerf the little prince instead.
I could be a bit biased because I am and have always been a miner poison player but I just have the feeling that they are specifically nerfing this archetype the whole past year. First the nerf to miner, than addition of evos which makes playing precise more irrelevant cause evos make everything a mess and then the addition of the dutchess who‘s basically a cycle hardcounter.
Especially with the addition of a new very strong spell (void) it would be better having more old viable spells so that the new card doesn’t completely take over and you would have to pay for it. I guess that’s exactly what supercell is trying to accomplish though

Well thought.

I’m just really pissed that the one evo i just got (Archers), got nerfed, and also my favorite spell (poison) got nerfed.

Let me play splash yard no poison nerf or evo knight nerf

Please buff magic archer, he’s dead

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In my opinion it might be late but I can say this at least and I don’t know it’s gonna be noticed by the creative teams or not. I am pointing it out and keeping it short that you don’t get bored-

  1. Little prince usage is way higher than expected. I think SUPERCELL needs to work on it. The meta is kinda biased on little prince.
  2. I think EVO BATS wasn’t like that high usage rate and also it’s not that good in the meta. I personally feel supercell needs to focus on cards which players avoid to play just because they are trash and maybe EVO BATS facing this challenge.
    I think it is slightly better to balance the cards not unbalancing the already balanced cards in regard to the community.
    Happy clashing franzz!!!

so arrows kill the evolved firecracker now? do they have to be same level because that is not the case for me. My game also shows 522 hitpoints for lvl 14 still.

“so arrows kill the evolved firecracker now?” - I feel this is not right and really takes away much of its attractiveness. Other EVOs are much stronger, not talking about the wizard.
btw: FC needs to be 3 levels higher to survive arrows, but you cannot be 3 lvls higher than lvl. 13 - 15…, so no chance against the arrows. That´s why I think Evo - especially with cycle 2 - should be allowed to survive.

And why - if the nerf for dagger Duchess was pomised for 7th May and there is good reason for this - why has it not been set live yet? They are still spoilt with 3.204 HP on lvl 11. This is 5% above Princess and 19% far beyond Canoneer. In my opinion quite unbalanced… Are there any news about delays in the distribution?

@Supercell im playing on android and still not seeing any of these changes live and not seeing any updates in the play store. any suggestions?