Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale March 2024 (Season 57)

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Graveyard nerf was trash, he still really op in the game. All nerfs and buffs were bruh, i really like the Golden Knight buff, but he still weak

Why decrease monk and magic archer buff? Why some people even think they need less buff, they both are extremely weak. There are clearly other cards that are broken and people should think about instead.

Monk needs at least 2250 hp, he doesn’t survive at all in all situations. Monk is a tank but Mighty miner and skeleton king have more hp and are more solid in dps and in other aspects. Monk also needs slight buff to ability (quicker and like 1s longer) to counter musketeer, flying machine and others.

Magic archer is useless in defense. A good idea is to rework his damage per second, so that he deals more damage to troops and less damage to crown towers. Or you can give him 0.5 tiles longer range with the last tip of his shot not dealing damage to crown tower. He needs a buff in defense.

Please consider these changes and I appreciate your kindness.

So basically the vote didn’t count to any balance changes? For eg last place monk buff took place, voted “unnecessary” Magic archer got a buff, what was the point of the WIP vote?

Good balance changes overall

buff rocket