Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale June 2024 (Season 60)

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you made an error on “Dagger Duchess (Rework)”, daggers stored are not -25% they are -0%.

They might’ve combined both changes

The poll literally got 50/50 votes on each option, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to implement both

The buff to Prince and Ram Rider is WAY too strong imo. I don’t think the charge range is the issue on either card.

Ram Rider deserves to have the same damage/charge damage as Battle Ram, and Prince could use a buff to his hitpoints since they were nerfed in his most previous change (allowed him and Dark Prince to jump over the river at the cost of a % of their hp).

I also think it’d be interesting to buff Rider’s damage to 2 shot Minions, but make her attacks 0.1s slower (slightly higher dps, but worse at snaring).

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As a Ram Rider and Prince user (they are both in my main deck) I’m estatic about the changes… but I agree

the snare buff/rework that you had sounds interesting but may change some other interactions as well

I also agree with the Prince’s health reversion- but a charge range to 2 tiles might make sense

We will have to see though…

(please make it make sense by buffing DP as well SC…)

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Bro, the DD and LP are gonna be DEAD like geez, i just got my LP to lv13 and now i literally can’t use any other champion cuz the rest are lv12💀

Dark Prince always gets the short end of the stick

Bro is the only charging card that still has a 3.5 tile charge range (everything else right now is 3 tiles)

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LP is still going to be viable, just not broken and used in every single deck archetype in existence anymore.

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Why didn’t they nerf VOID’s damage? And I’m not referring to the single target but to those of 2-4 and 5+, 2-4 does more damage than arrows and a little less than the fireball while 5+ does a little less damage than a zap, like this that regardless of whether they manage to hit a single target, it still does the same damage as other spells of value 4,3 and 2, so it never loses in exchanges, they must reduce the damage on the target from 2-4 to one that does less damage than arrows and 5+ less than half the zap

Stop yapping about Void nerf, bruh. If you want them to follow you delusions, why not apply for a position of dev in their company?

That you don’t know or have any idea how broken Void still is is not my problem, stay ignorant and move on with your life, whether you like it or not in the following balance changes they will nerf it again, including what I mentioned previously Void does more damage than the earthquake and that is why the use of this has decreased

Lmao there are not just 1 or two broken cards in the game at a time, and you keep yapping about them not nerfing 1 of it in the previous post and this one.

They nerfed the Void, and all we need to do is wait and see if the nerf is enough to weaken it. What’s the point of suggesting craps like what you’re doing if you know they’ll never follow it? Come on dude, touch some grass.