Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale July 2024 (Season 61)

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This balance changes seem fine for me. Quite fair. I am not sure yet about dagger duchess but we will se how it will go. I can always add some information later.
I really informed about that prince charge in previous balance changes that 1,5 tiles is too fast the same situation with ram rider. I have been plaing for very long time ram rider and even thought that I love this card I find that this 1,5 tiles was too crazy and unfair. So this is good change and 2 tiles for both should be ok now.

No offense, but the balancing team is genuinely on drugs.

Tesla history:
Hitspeed +0.1s (1.1 > 1.2)
Hitspeed -0.1s (1.2 > 1.1)
Damage -4% (230 > 220) Hitspeed +0.1s (1.1 > 1.2)

Like, what the actual hell are they doing? Apparently it was too bad with a 1.2s hitspeed, but too good with a 1.1s hitspeed, so instead of being smart and making the first attack speed slower, not only do they revert the same change they’ve already made for the 3RD TIME IN A ROW, they also are nerfing the damage to make it not 1 shot Minions or Spirits, plus nerfing the dps by a whooping 12.3%

This is clearly not “balance changes.” This is blatantly killing a card for no reason. And if that’s not their goal, it may as well be subconsciously. Absolutely ludicrous

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I’ve plotted the damage profiles of the tower troops so you don’t have to. The dots mark the hits of the individual troops.
You can see that the cannoneer does more damage after the 2nd hit.
And Duchess is still better than Princess.


Damage Profiles from App:
Duchess: DMG=163 / HS=0,45s / HS(>8)=0,9s
Cannoneer: DMG=584 / HS=2,4s
Princess: DMG=158 / HS=0,8s

Thank you. You might not realize, but we made a similar chart when Dagger Duchess was first introduced to the game.

You can see a 4k hi res on this post:

Like minds :wink:

We use a step chart because the damage output is not linear.

The evo Tesla is clearly broken and is being very overused in top ladder, it clearly needed a nerf as many people have been saying for a while. The nerf might be a bit much but less usage of buildings like tesla creates a more aggresive and attacking meta which supercell supports. They don’t want you to focus on defending as evidence by a lot of the cards they have been releasing.
And honestly I still expect evo tesla to be played a lot.
Good job on these balance changes. Lets see how it goes.
Do make balance changes a monthly thing though, that would be nice

Stairs are a good idea. I will edit the chart tomorrow. Thank you for advise. :v:

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I dunno why SC doesn’t try adding a reset to Tesla’s attack and just reworking it if it’s not working as a damage output building.

They overnerfed the normal Tesla. Now it’s really bad without evolution.

F2p players suffer… lol they never care.