Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale January 2024 (Season 55)

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Nice job to the balance team for nerfing Goblins without nerfing other Goblin cards. Same with the Evo Recruits and Giant Skeleton tweaks.

Buff rocket

Buff Pekka next please… the top pekka deck with evo archers and lil’ prince just got nerfed… a Pekka buff is justified now.

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I’m really sad that the Drill rework didn’t go through. Rather disappointed in Supercell. I wanted a really good underdog comeback .

The Little Prince is too soft, make it die to fireball.

R u sarcastic or not. Did they nerf goblin barrel pls no its my only lvl 15 card

No they haven’t.

Wdym how does it get nerfed then. Ik they had lime extra notes but i dont rlly understand them

Gob barrel hasn’t been nerfed. It says only goblins… the spawn time is 0.2 seconds longer.

If the devs suddenly removed the rage nerf and added goblin drill rework… bang… perfect changes in place. Highly doubt they’d read though.

They’ll basically deploy slower

So its a nerf for gob barrel

lol but also sad. I went for level 15 hunter cuz there’s no way they’ll nerf an already offbrand card.