Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale February 2023 (Season 44)

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Log bait is in shambles since there’s no log to bait.

Also the meta is changing from Royal giant to, surprise surprise… Royal giant!

these balance changes practically wants players to embrace more aggressive playstyles, which is a plus after the boring cycle metas for the past few months and will probably make the game more fun

lightning could still use half a tile radius nerf though

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I’m happy that the Goblin Giant got a buff, he needed it. But not a fan of how the Royal Giant and Electro Giant were not touched. Hopefully the can add this P.E.K.K.A. balance change in April 2023 balance change-

P.E.K.K.A. Buff:
Damage: +2.7% (816 → 838)*
*tournament standard stat (level 11)

This buff will allow the P.E.K.K.A. to one-shot the witch and the hunter of equal level, just like how the mini P.E.K.K.A. can one-shot the wizard and the musketeer of equal level. Will also help her be a better tank killer, to help deal with the Electro Giant and Royal Giant that have high usage rate in the meta.

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I agree with the majority of these changes. All of them besides the firecracker buff. I felt like it could’ve been a lesser buff. Rather than a massive buff like that. Some cards I feel should remain bad or underwhelming because being viable could really lower the overall enjoyment of the game.

Besides firecracker. I really like the changes! Especially the rocket nerf. Being able to effortlessly win any match in the game really lowers any and all enjoyment of the game. With this nerf. it will really separate all of the skilled players from all the no-skilled players. Especially those who really on rocket as a primary win condition.

7.5/10. A bit controversial but I appreciate the boldness of the Balance Team.

“You can’t bait the log if there is no log.”

-Sun Tzu. The Art of War


Exactly, that’s the biggest nerf logbait ever got. Oh yes there’s also that rocket 17% dmg nerf to crown towers, some tiny nerf, barely even noticeable.

First off, log bait needed a nerf to rocket. it finished 3rd, 6th, and 8th last season. also, the log nerf is a log bait buff. if there is no log in the deck, then by log is always out of cycle, making the game an ez win for bait.

talking about rocket, it also finished 2nd in a miner morter deck. I main miner mortar, so I would know that there is almost no synergy with the mortar. the only valu it would get would be on dragons or sparky or wizz ect., or just tapping the tower, geting free damage, whether it is with a minor or not.

Rocket is more of an annoying card than strong, people complained a ton about rocket, so SC wanted to make the game more fun and nerf it. Overall rocket isn’t that good.

Secondly, ofc the log nerf is a nerf to logbait, they wanna bait out the log and then play their loggable stuff. Without the log, they can’t bait it out and can’t do anything.

I think this is reasonable if electro wizard gets a nerf. With a PEKKA buff and an electro wizard nerf, it would help PEKKA be viable outside of PEKKA bridge spam decks, and keep PEKKA bridge spam decks from getting too overpowered.

firecracker change is technically a bug fix. The only interaction it will change is that firecracker wont stare at fast moving troops and do nothing, but will actually shoot.

NO synergy with mortar, I beg to differ. Mortar is great at extracting positive elixir trades, thus giving you the excess elixir to rocket and the opponent cant do anything. Yeah you can break through with mortar, and you do this most games but against certain matchups, or some really good players, you cant really break through. Most mortar decks have great defense and allow to just rocket cycle for the win.

And for mortar decks without rocket they typically carry a second win-con, such as miner or hog.