Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale August 2023 (Season 50)

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Fisherman needs a nerf. Only costing 3 elixer is way too cheap. He rather needs to go up to 4 elixir or have a different set of nerfs. Whether that be reducing the range at which he can hook, reducing his “Ice” hit whenever he strikes, or reducing his HP. He is the strongest non evolved card and he has absolutely no counter mechanic.

Very happy with the Changes and happy to see they took some of the feedback. I hope FC nerf is enough, but I think it’ll continue to be a top tier card this next meta. I like the skellies evo, hopefully this will allow some more usage, because as it is right now it’s very hard to get value off of the skellies, and with goblins still being super popular, this will hopefully give skellies some of that spotlight back.

I hope the battle ram buff brings PEKKA bridgespam back. I hardly see it anymore and if I do face off against it the opponent struggles to connect and apply the same pressure it used to. (Although that may be the opponents fault).

I said it before and I’ll say it again - i think the MM nerf is the perfect way to nerf the card without killing it. It’ll still likely be viable, just not game controlling like it has been.

Great changes overall. Can’t wait to see how the meta shifts.

Can’t really complain about any of these balance changes. Attached is my wish-list for balance changes I would like to see in the October 2023 Balance Changes:

Mirror Rework-
Elixir Cost- Same as the mirrored card(no +1 elixir cost)
Level- Same as the mirror(no +1 level)
Will be stuck as the first card mirrored for the rest of the battle

With this rework, the mirror would no longer cost +1 elixir of the mirror card but will also no longer give +1 level to the mirrored card. I don’t think an extra elixir can justify just 1 level increase, but when it gave +2 levels for just 1 extra elixir it was too strong. So with this change, you no longer get an advantage when it comes to the card’s stats from the extra level. It will also be stuck for the rest of the battle after its first use. So if the first card mirrored is a hog rider, the mirror becomes another copy of the hog rider for the rest of that game. Thus losing some of its versatility as it can no longer mirror multiple different cards in a battle.

Witch Rework-
Spawn Speed: 7 sec 5 sec
Number per Spawn: 4 skeletons → 3 skeletons (triangle formation around the witch)
Death Spawn: +3 skeleton

This rework aims to make the witch more similar to her sister the night witch. The reason behind this is that the night witch is more successful in the meta than her sister even though having many similar mechanics. So the spawn mechanic is being made more similar to hopefully make the witch more successful in the meta. Overall she will spawn about the same amount of skeletons as she does now, just at a different tempo. She will also be given a death spawn as the night witch was recently given this ability back(the witch also had a death spawn in the past).

  • The triangle formation has not been tried before, as when she did spawn 3 skeletons per wave they used to spawn in a line, which makes them easier to defeat compared to when spread out.

  • The witch’s death spawn count is greater than that of the night witch. To compensate for the witch having less health.

Wizard Rework-
Elixir Cost: 5 → 4
Area Damage: -22.5 % (281 → 218)*
Range: 5.5 tiles → 5.0 tiles
Hit Speed: 1.4 sec → 1.5 sec
First Attack Speed: 0.4 sec → 0.5 sec
*Level 11 stat (tournament standard)

With this rework, the wizard becomes a rival to the musketeer. Having the same health and the same damage per hit as the musketeer. But while the wizard offers splash damage, the musketeer offers a greater range and a faster hit speed.

Normally with a rework from 5-elixir to 4-elixir, there would be a 20% decrease in hit points and damage at a minimum. The damage is reduced but instead of reducing the hit points, the range and hit speed got nerfed instead. Just like the electro-wizard, the regular wizard will also have a 5-tile range. So while the e-wiz offers stun(0.5 sec), the regular wiz will offer splash damage(1.5 tile radius).

  • A few of the new interaction changes include needing an extra hit to destroy minions, barbarians, the princess, and break shields.

  • Musketeer: DPS-218 at 6 tile range vs reworked Wizard: DPS-145 at 5 tile range.

  • Can survive an equal-level fireball, something the magic archer can’t do. But lacks the range and piercing ability that the magic archer has.

  • Unlike the baby dragon, the reworked wizard can one-shot goblins of equal level. But is more squishy than the baby dragon and can’t survive the lightning or fireball+zap.

Freeze Rework-
Elixir Cost: 4 → 3
Freeze Duration: 4 sec → 3 sec
Area Damage: -25% (115→ 86)*
*Level 11 stat (tournament standard)

The freeze spell can be an annoying card to go up against, due to its ability to shut down your towers, troops, and building for a duration of 4 seconds. And how the meta has been evolving to become fast-paced, 4 seconds is a lot of time when used correctly by you or your opponent. But if misused can be a major waste of elixir. This change aims to tackle both these problems. Shifting it from a spell in the same tier as fireball and poison, to now being in the same tier as arrows or earthquake when it comes to elixir cost. The damage of it will also be reduced.

  • Will no longer be able to kill skeletons or bats of +1 level higher.

  • Will help maintain elixir cost diversity, as there are many 4-elixir cards in the game. Also to help alleviate the wizard rework elixir cost mentioned above.

Dear game planner,
Miner is too nerf,it was a 3elixir win condition with low hitpoint and low damage(especially the crown tower damage).After a long season change,it’s not suitable to use in single as a win conditions.This made me always need to use more elixir to create a reasonable damaged deal(The number between elixir and damage it cause to my opponents).Even you need to create a cheapest and considerable damage,you need to use 5 elixir(miner+wall breaker /bats).However, these card combination is too easy counter(e.g.arrow,mega knight or even a cannon).
Thus,I think miner is too nerf.i know that it was a 3 elixir mini tank with Optional appearance place,bot the elixirit cost and damage cause to the opponents tower is not directly proportional.My opponent always counter it with ice golem,foblin and skeletons +ice spirit.Even my opponent don’t use any card to cope with it,it can just cause 200+damage to their tower.Thus,i think it was too nerf.
As a miner player,i recommend the game planner to increase it’s hitpoint(1210→1600)or increase it crown tower damage(49→60).But whatever,thank you for watching my comment and hope there is a buff for miner in the next balance change.

Your sincerely,
Marshal Kim

How is Miner a bad card when it’s used in 17-18% of decks right now :skull:

Miner doesn’t really need any changes but if it did get one, it would get a nerf, definitely not a buff. The whole point of Miner decks is to out-cycle your opponents counters to miner wallbreakers, and to chip away at the tower the whole game, it’s not a beatdown playstyle.

However,miner deck is too relied on the other card such as wallbreaker,bat or skeletons…Also,it only took too little damage to your opponents tower.Once when your opponents had defensive buildings,then you may properly lost the game.Overall,I think miner is an overrated card with the damage it took is not proportional to it’s cost of elixir.I suggested the game plaaner to increase it’s hotpoint so that you can use it as a knight to defend most of the troop once when your opponent have a defensive building.

What‘s the point of having Knight when the miner would be as strong as a knight and could also be placed at any point in the arena? Don‘t get me wrong, I‘m a miner player myself and I love using this card, but with just how versatile it is I don‘t thin it will ever need a buff. And by the way, your deck isn‘t that good. Aside from mega bait not being as good in the meta, you also randomly have a Tesla. Miner decks usually needs to be fast cycle to use as many miners + poison/bats/wall breakers etc. Your deck is just to heavy and to defensive.

I like some of your changes but I just hate when people suggest an elixir change to 4. literally a corner of the cards in the game cost 4 elixir and we don‘t need any more. I think I would be cool to play around with the wizard‘s health and also maybe change his attack pattern, but that sounds like something we could get as an evolution

I really like your opinion but I don’t think that wizard need to cost 4 elixir