Feedback on Clan Managment

Hey I would like to share some idears to make this website even better for managing Clans.

First Case: Changing Colours for “High” or “low” Points in Clan war IF the Clan did go into finish early.
This is because our Clan has a minimum trophys requiered every week BUT you have to remember if the Ship did go into the finish a day early.

Secound Case:
Also the API is counting the Fights done BUT for the whole week.
There should be an easy calc not counting prep days not counting to see if a member is not making 4/4 a day.

hmm… where would you put such colors? in analytics?

Yes, this is an issue that we have talked to Supercell about since Day 1 but they have not changed it… and there is unfortunately nothing we can do about this…