Features request

Hi, here are some suggestions for Royaleapi:

1. Economy system: where users can earn and spend virtual currency within Royaleapi. The currency (usually referred to as “credits”, “coins”, or “points”) could be called “Rapi” or “Rapicoin”, and could be earned by participating in website activities. Once users earn the virtual currency, they can spend it on various rewards, such as custom roles, access to exclusive channels, or even real-world prizes if the owner offers them. The benefits of this feature include encouraging user engagement and increasing loyalty towards the Royaleapi brand. Implementing a currency leaderboard can help create a sense of competition and drive user engagement.

2. Advanced tournaments: Royaleapi can host advanced tournaments with specific conditions, such as requiring players to use a card or restricting another. The correct rankings are displayed in the website and the winners earn Rapi coins. This can provide a new level of challenge for experienced players and also help showcase different strategies and card combinations.

3. Betting system: Royaleapi can introduce a betting system, where users can place bets on their favorite players or teams to win in different events, tournaments and leagues. This can create an additional level of excitement and engagement for users watching the tournaments.

4. Quizzes: Royaleapi can introduce quizzes and questions that test users’ knowledge of the game and their ability to strategize in different situations. For example, users can be presented with hypothetical game scenarios and asked whether they would attack or defend. This feature can help educate users and also provide a fun and interactive way to engage with the community.

5. Roles (and chat?): Royaleapi can introduce roles for website users based on their activity and contributions to the community. For example, some roles could be bought using Rapi coins, users who frequently participate in tournaments can be assigned a “tournament player” role, while a daily role displays the owner’s name and achievements in the main page . This feature can help build a sense of community and encourage users to be more engaged with the website.

The benefits of these features include increased user engagement, increased revenue streams for Royaleapi, and a more vibrant and active community. By implementing these suggestions, Royaleapi can create a more immersive and rewarding experience for its users.

  1. Economy system. We can think about it but it’s hard to implement without getting somewhat into privacy issues. Also they could lead to abuse (e.g. botting) and I don’t really want people to be gaming this system and drain our resources.

  2. Advanced tournaments: also trying to stay away from crypto

  3. Betting system: this is forbid by Supercell TOS

  4. This is potentially ok but features will need to have enough use to justify our resources. (we somehow have to make the money back from advertising)

  5. Making a chat system is an extremely huge project and well beyond the scope of what we can create. Again, we would have to recoup our spending and this unfortunately is not it.

I don’t know if you realize, but there’s just ONE PERSON, aka me, making and keeping the site alive. Some of what you suggest would be cool if we have 10 developers working here. But we don’t.

Thank you for your suggestions though. As a UX Designer myself, I have come up with lots of interesting things to do also. I just don’t have the time to do them. And we don’t have enough revenue to hire more people to work on things.

Ok understood, what you do and the features you make are already good, yw