Feature request: Clan War 2 History: include cross clan fame

Problem: myself and many of my clan mates finish our war Tuesdays shortly after war reset. Then we carry on helping in CW2 in our feeder clans. The clan War2 Trophy history for individual players however shows the gathered fame in one particular clan, instead of the sum of the participation. We are very selective when accepting new clan members, and look at war history. Technically only coliseum is the one we can consider.
I understand that this is for the powerplayers/more competitive clans :slight_smile:

Would like: In the individual player profile → clan war 2 history show total fame gathered in a war week for a player, and possibly even show that they did this in multiple clans. This will help with vetting people before they join a clan, and show war participation better.

ps: Absolutely love the site, thank you!

It’s not really possible as when a player moved from a clan to another clan, their fame is wiped — the data is from Supercell and we don’t change / modify it.

So if Supercell removes that data then we can’t remove it. I can ask to see if this is possible in the future, but I try not to ask for nice-to-haves when there are more pressing items on the todo list.