Family friendly chat filter

First I wanted to post this on reddit, but as I am not a member, I chose this forum. Maybe it will draw enough attention here to reach supercell.

First of all forgive me in case of not using perfect grammer, but this is the core of the problem. Or not, as the problem affects native english speakers also…

Supercell issued an “update”.
I am talking about the new “family friendly chat filter”. After the update the whole chatboard and clan description turned into a bunch of ******s, the new “feature” turned all words into stars and filtered out all words. My clan is unable to communicate in our native langauge. If I really want to be serious and if I would have time, I am sure I could find out how to turn this into a legal “discrimination” nightmare case but I dont. :slight_smile: Neither if I will have planty of time because I will quit the game. I am thinking of stop playing not just beacuse of the problem, as it is only just a stupid technical problem that could be solved. (I am an ethical hacker, so please dont feed me with this cant be undone, revert stuff… Just ask some hackers to solve your problem if you are unable to administer your own system…:smiley: ) but because of the way SuperCell handles this. Many people played and payed a lot for this game over the years. And what we get is ********** (read as whatever you feel…)

So I cant walk away in silent and maybe it will help others, if I share my opinion.

My problem is the offical answer, how Supercell handles this: “there’s nothing we can do to resolve this for now”, “It did also warn you before activating it.”

Yes, I was warned I can not revert it later, if I push the button. But it did not say it will ruin the chatboard of a 3 years old clan, with team members playing together for 4-5 years…
First I thought it killed the chat only for us because the hungarian language is a realy special language, sometimes even for hungarians but it turned out it doesnt work for english words, too. Later it turned out it does not speak any language… (

So Supercell spoiled things, did an update that clearly doesnt work “Anyone can make an error, But that error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”-Thrawn. I dont want to say here what happend to the guy how did not correct the mistake…
But as I can see SuperCell is not intended to repair it, just telling “sorry we cant fix, blabla.”.

The injustice grows further with the fact that the problem does not affect those who have not pressed the so called “button”…

PS: By the time I finished the article, another clanmate signaled me, she quit playing. (I wont update the number but be sure: it will grow. and not just in my clan)

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Pls supercell fix it my clanmates are also having problem in communication with there friends. You can’t understand what they are trying to say because of *****this. Pls fix this issue

Hi guys—

Max, one of the CMs for Clash Royale, has just posted a tweet regarding this:

Specifically, they appear to be working on a “revert” option and will try to have it available as soon as possible.

Hang in there!