Facebook log in no longer exist

Hi, I have a Clash Royale account that was created in 2017 and logged in to Facebook on 5th of December 2017, sadly I only have the name which is “Alex” and what i might think to be the player ID: 172853623454990. Please is there any way i could at least find the profile?

That’s one of the crappiest things for Supercell. For those who stopped playing when Supercell ID rolled out it’s feature, the account was either unlinked from Facebook and may have lost the account or the account is still linked on Facebook but can no longer retrieve since it’s needed to log in through that.

Feel bad for players like you who want to get back into it but can’t cause Facebook login no longer exists.

The other option is to create a new account for Clash and once you go through the tutorial and such, contact Supercell in the game and let them know of your situation. Try and see if they can help you out.