Export more than 25 battles player history

Hi all,

I am trying to export all my clash royale battle data into a CSV format for further analysis. I stumbled onto https://royaleapi.com/ which easily allows us to accomplish this. However, they only allow us to export the last 25 battles.

I tried to create an API key using Clash Royale API but I keep getting the errors in the attached pictures. Has anyone else run into the same issue? Do you know of a way to get around it?

Thank you in advance,


Hi, there is no way to get around this limitation.
If you want a longer battle log you’ll have to store results periodically, as we do, but you won’t be able to get older battles from API responses.

Do you know how to get your IP address to work with Clash Royale API? I use wIndows 11 and know basic programming.


Just google my ip

I did. And I get the invalid authorization as shown in the pictures attached.