Exceeding the 50 limit

Hello, i would like to know if someone of you guys is updated of new bug in “Exceeding the 50 players limit”. I was playing against a clan that last saturday played in 54 players (216 deck)… We lost against them, and as you can imagine sounds so strange… i dont know if i can share i screen of royale where everyone can see this situation… can you help me?

It would be helpful if you can share screenshots of it. it’s actually hard to help you without them. As an FYI, for game bugs that didn’t originate from us, we likely won’t be able to do anything on our end except to pass them directly to Supercell. However, in order for us to do that, you will need to articulate the issue better so we can understand the issue. If we don’t understand your issue then we won’t be able to help you.

This is the screen made on royaleapi the last friday. Many clans over the world discovered this bug. The wars are unfair now. Can you help? Thank you so much

Do you know under what condition this was done / made?

One person of their clan tried to explain to us, but require a lot of join/leave players, many times at day, is something very strange, but it works, and these informations are shared between friendly clans. So this will not be fair for the other… I dont want to be a “spy”, can we talk in private? i have the screens of “how it works” but i would not like to post here… Thank you so much

Sure. Please join our Discord server.

Once on the server, tag me in #general and I will add you as a friend and DM

done. Thank you