Evolved Skeletons - Clash Royale 2023 Q2 Summer Update

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Almost infinite Larries! I like that the skeletons are getting this, as they’ve been overshadowed by goblins since their buff.

I think this could be like Phoenix, where when the update is introduced, they made it very very powerful. But later because of balancing issue, they will have nerf after nerf after nerf, especially it’s 1 elixir only.

So to balance it, they may even need to nerf the skeleton’s original form, which force players to get the evolution of skeleton to balance it out, and at the end those who have evolved this card has a slightly better evolved skeleton and a nerfed original skeleton, where as all those who has not evolved it will only have the nerfed version of original skeleton

Enjoy it like you enjoy Phoenix, but prepared for what upcoming, just like the infinite nerf on the phoenix card.

The whole update is a stupid idea.