Evolved Royal Giant - Clash Royale 2023 Q2 Summer Update

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if lvl15 wasnt enough of a reason to uninstall the game, this definitely is

i have no clue how supercell managed to make an update this bad

What are you talking about?? Facing a 6 elixir overpowered ranged e giant is all i could’ve ever asked for!!

At least his recoil damage doesn’t affect air troops. But I still think he would be really good. Maybe 2nd place for initial evolved cards. 1st goes to evolved skeletons, 3rd evolved firecracker, and 4th to evolved barbarian. Well just have to wait and see what other evolved cards have in store for the direction of the meta.

Does the pushback affect all the troops (ground/air troops /normally pushback-able units)? Thanks

Bruh what the hell? All the other evolving cards have been out of the meta for a couple of months now and are just support troops so an evolution is kinda reasonable. But RG? He‘s been one of the top 3 win conditions for years. And the evolution which he will evolve into every second time he‘s played is so freaking op and removing literally half of his counters like swarms but also light tank killers like miniP or hunter. But the worst thing is that compared to him all other ein conditions will be just bad. That will lead to a very unbalanced meta. Just another cashgrabcard like phoenix etc.

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Oh dearie me.
So, you really can’t defend an evolved royal giant. How frightening. It seems to me if you don’t have an inferno tower/dragon, you will be screwed.