Evolved Mortar - July 2023 New Card

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Has Supercell gone mad??? First they introduced a temporary card called Barb Launcher (which was really OP), and now they have introduced a Goblin Launcher in the guise of Mortar Evolution. That also it is tanky and shoots faster, but takes the same 4 elixir to deploy. It deals area damage alongwith additional damge from the spawned stab goblin. It will become the strongest win condition in the game now, and will be a tool for pro pay-to-win high-ladder players to easily crush their f2p opponents. First Level 15, and now this totally broken Card Evolution, Supercell is continuing their injustice.

bruh why they making champions 35,000 tokens when there’s only a 25 day season😐 seasons need to go back to 35 days

pls make monk usable and viable again he has a usage rate of %3 in Ultimaye Champion and %4 in GC. he is worse than a lot of card rn nerf his stats and ability and make him 4 elixir. 4 elixir is the best cost for a mini tank like monk.

they could have added bombs instead of rocks, more area damage and a bit more damage

Make the evolved mortar shoot as fast as a regular mortar. I don’t see why it should shoot faster when it already has more health and spawns a goblin per hit.