Evolution Origins - Clash Royale Season 49 (June 2023)

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Wow…they even put the shards in diamond only - that’s bs in my eyes!
What I really like is the tower skin from pass and I hope the bad connection emote isn’t cost much !

I think this was a good step in the right direction. A bit sad that they evolution shards are for the diamond pass, but I do understand why. I think the EWC being in path of legends is a big help to players who don’t spend money to help get their cards to Elite level. Overall, good season!

Wow, they just placed a royal wild chest instead of the champion in the pass, but completely removed the champion form the season shop. For f2p it‘s getting better and better every time.

Why are we getting a duplicate banner frame(the one with the evolved barbarian)? The frame is “Manta Waves” from a shop offer.

Supercell is slowly making Champions literally impossible to unlock and level up.

Is nobody gonna mention that we havent gotten a legendary book in months? Why is that?


where are champion cards!you say we can purchase a champion card for 35000 tokens.so,where is it