Evolution Fixes

Many evolutions in Clash Royale need to be fixed, especially the recent evolution, i.e., Evo Tesla. The first and obvious thing which all the players do in pretty much every battle, is playing the cards the evolutions of which they have unlocked in order to get their evolved cards in hand as soon as possible. But you see, that’s not the case with evo Tesla. Since Tesla is a building, you can’t just cycle it as freely as the other cards, because you’ll need it to defend your opponent’s pushes afterwards. This makes it quite a bit harder to cycle to the Evo Tesla. In fact, in my experience, it is even impossible to use the evo Tesla in many of the battles. Also, even if we are able to cycle to it quickly, it just isn’t as good as the other evolutions, which makes it seem underwhelming in most of the situations. Hence, I think it mainly needs two buffs. First of all, the cycle. I think that the cycle after which evo Tesla can be used needs to be reduced to 1, meaning that the players would be able to use it every other cycle, unlike now. Also, I see no reason for it to be available after every 2 cycles, since it’s a building, and even a 2 elixir card, i.e. Evo Bomber is possible to use every other cycle, so why should a 4 elixir card like Tesla be available only after every 2 cycles? And secondly, the radius of its Electro Pulse effect needs to be increased, maybe till the point it reaches 7 or 8 tiles. I think 7 or 7½ tiles would be fair enough, because 8 tiles might be game breaking.

Agreed. Also, it should be one-cycle maybe? That might be too op, but evo Tesla never gets to the evo form. Plus, did you realize that if you go to leaderboard decks, so many decks have Tesla but not evo Tesla. Crazy, right? It simply isn’t worth using it as an evo slot

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Yeah… It should definitely be one cycle. I mean, if a two elixir card, evo Bomber, can be one cycle, there’s just no reason for evo Tesla to be two cycles. Plus, Tesla is a defensive building, so it’s even harder to get its evolved form in hand. And like you said, it isn’t actually worth putting in an evo slot except in some decks like Logbait, Miner decks, and the decks which run Tesla and have no other card the evolution of which has been released in the game. And if a player doesn’t have two evo slots unlocked, there’s negligible chance of him using his one and only evo slot on evo Tesla, unless he has no other evolution unlocked than evo Tesla, by any chance.