Evo firecracker nerf

Please Evo firecracker is too oppressive
I know supercell is a business and they need to make money
But at the cost of causing ladder pushing to be such a massive pain and stress is not the way forward

Over time more and more player will get tired of facing the same laughing firecracker 6 in 10games and drop the game honestly

(I means she’s used more often than all the small spells in the game aside log!)

She’s the reason arrows is being used so much,but people only see it as the other small spells need a buff when in reality it’s not the small spells that’s the issue but the card itself and what can counter her

They might be making money now but overtime we will have enough

Everyone have the stats
And I will tell u just to push to ultimate champion have never been so sick and tired of a card in my 7yrs playing this game

A lot of things it’s not the hog hitting my tower but the annoying firecracker and am sure the Devs know it’s not right for a card to have a overall use rate of roughly 25%
You can play a 2v2 match and see she’s the most used card overalll

Please let’s voice a stop to this card
I would like a ladder experience that’s not just constant battles of me trying to find my way against one particular card

Am really tired am really tired
Am trying my best to keep playing but it really feels like the Devs themselves don’t play this game

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