Evo bats or mortar? (I NEED HELP!)

I use a mortar miner deck, and it has bats obviously, so after the recent announcement of the bats evolution I am at odds if I should get it or Mortar. It doesn’t look like they’ll nerf mortar because it’s balanced, and the bats look really good. Which one?

Also sorry about the title I needed you to click on this

I should evolve the morter couse probably bats will get a nerf

Evo bats are bad they can die to zap, arrows or royalguard box. Use evo mortar.

Use evolved mortar trust me is better is this is your tower you lost 100% chance but bats cant do anything
Use mortar evolve its better

Evo knight, its way more important than evo mortar or bats, but i guess mortar is better than bats if you can only choose between those 2